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International Journal of Trade and Commerce-IIARTC, Volume: 8(), Issue: 2()

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1.Women Entrepreneurship Issues, Challenges and Empowerment through Self Help Groups: An Overview of Uttarakhand

Author: P.N. Tiwari,(Pages: 275-288)


Entrepreneurship is one of the most important factors contributing to the economic development of the society. Entrepreneurs have been considered instrumental in initiating and sustaining socio-economic development. In India, concept of women entrepreneurship is of recent origin. Women have become aware about their rights and situations and entered in different fields of business. They have established their own successful business empires. They are contributing towards the growth of economy and improvement of their socio-economic conditions. Government of India has given due importance to women empowerment in the country and several schemes has been introduced for the upliftment of women entrepreneurs. Women workforce ratio in the country is increasing due to the increase in the women literacy rate in India. The concept of Self Help Groups (SHGs) is proved to be boon for the rural women in some states of India. It has not only raised their income but also their social status. Overview of the working of Self Help Groups (SHGs) in Uttarakhand is also depicted in this paper. This paper particularly focuses on various issues pertaining to women entrepreneurs issues, challenges and future perspective in India.
Keywords:Entrepreneurship, Women Entrepreneurs, Women workforce, Women Empowerment, Self Help Groups

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