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International Journal of Trade and Commerce-IIARTC, Volume: 8(), Issue: 2()

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1.An Analysis on the Socio-Economic Conditions of Labour Engaged in Brassware Industry of U.P. (With Special Reference to District Mirzapur)

Author: Deepali Walia, Sudhansh Sharma,(Pages:298-306)


The paper concerned is descriptive in nature. The objective of the paper is to investigate about the working, economic and living conditions of labour engaged in brassware industry of Mirzapur. It also throws light on the day to day challenges faced by the labour engaged in the aforesaid industry. The studies presented are based on random sampling and secondary data. The brassware industry of Mirzapur is at the verge of extinction due to lack of technology, high cost of raw material and low profit margin. The labour engaged in this industry is poor and unskilled which is exploited by their employers. The paper suggests some measures to enhance the efficiency of labour along with improved productivity of the industry concerned.
Keywords:Socio-economic conditions of Labour, Brassware Industry, Inefficient Marketing Strategy, Competition.

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