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Title: Forensic Accounting: A Strategy for Identifying and Terminating Financial Frauds in India

Abstract: Forensic accounting is a specialized field of accounting that involves using financial and investigative techniques to uncover fraud, financial irregularities, and other criminal activities. In India, the use of forensic accounting as an approach to preventing and detecting fraud is gaining popularity due to the increasing instances of financial fraud in the country. The approach involves a combination of traditional accounting methods and forensic techniques to investigate, analyze, and interpret financial data. This includes identifying patterns of financial behavior, analyzing financial statements, interviewing suspects and witnesses, and collecting and analyzing electronic evidence. Forensic accounting is particularly useful in India, where the legal system can be slow and inefficient in dealing with financial crimes. By providing concrete evidence of financial fraud, forensic accounting can help speed up legal proceedings and ensure that justice is served. Furthermore, with the growing adoption of technology and digital payments in India, forensic accounting is becoming even more critical in detecting and preventing cyber fraud, which has become a significant challenge for businesses and financial institutions in the country. In conclusion, the use of forensic accounting in India is an effective approach to preventing and detecting financial fraud. By combining traditional accounting methods with forensic techniques, forensic accountants can identify financial irregularities and provide concrete evidence of fraudulent activities, making it easier for the legal system to hold perpetrators accountable.

By Riyazuddin*, Mohd Iftikhar Baig
In Volume: 11,Issue: 2
Title: The Indian Air Force's Technological Development since Its Inception

Abstract: The historical journey of India Air Force (IAF) as an interregnal part of Indian Armed Forces is story of dignity, loyalty and success. It was founded in British India in 1932 but the actual fly started after independence in 1947, on the same time there were severe challenges started to raise from the neighbouring countries to our national security that was very successfully met out by IAF. The present research paper investigates all the process of technological development, battles, special operations and the comprehensive success stories of IAF as well it examines both the security and technological challenges and hurdles to its way. Actually it was a difficult task to cover all the concerning aspects of IAF in such a write- up of word limitations but it’s an effort to analyse major aspects from background to all the contemporary circumstances related to IAF interesting and significant to all.

By Mohd Rizwan*, Aarjoo
In Volume: 11,Issue: 2
Title: Entrepreneurship in the Global Turbulent Scenario: Challenges and Resilience

Abstract: Conference Book Conference Organizer: Entrepreneurial Economists Club of Dhaka School of Economics Date of Conference: 05-03-2023

By Anita Medhekar*
In Volume: 11,Issue: 2