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Title: A Business Model Canvas for the Production of Shital Pati & Small Scale Jute Commodities with Special Reference to Regional Cooperation between Bangladesh & India (The North Eastern Region): Startup Phase

Abstract: The Shaital Pati and small scale Jute commodities have been playing a cabalistic role. The socio-economic contribution of Shital Pati and Jute based Products is Multi-dimensional. Shital Pati & Jute commodities can play a vital role in employment generation, income generation, export earnings, environmental sustainability, women's empowerment & tourism promotion. Above all Shital Pati and Jute commodities can play a crucial role in fostering regional cooperation between Bangladesh & India. The aim of the business model canvas is the branding of Shital Pati and small scale Jute products and enable manufacturer to visualize and analyze their strategy. As there is a gap currently prevailing in the market when it comes to Shital-Pati based and Jute based commodities the producer can follow the AIDA model (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) to promote products.

By Shamim Ahmad
In Volume: 11,Issue: 2
Title: China – Pakistan Nexus and India’s National Security

Abstract: The China-Pakistan nexus is a long-standing strategic relationship between the two countries that has grown in strength and intensity since the 1950s. This relationship has far-reaching implications for India's national security. First, it explores the impact of the China-Pakistan nexus on India's national security and provides suggestions for India to counter the effects of this relationship. Then it proceeds to analyze the two countries' military, economic and diplomatic ties. This paper further examines how India can respond to the China-Pakistan nexus, focusing on enhancing its economic, military, and diplomatic capabilities and improving its relations with other regional powers. Finally, it discusses the future of the China-Pakistan nexus and its potential implications for India's national security.

By Sanjay Kumar*, Neelam Kumari
In Volume: 11,Issue: 2
Title: A Study of Indian Potential in Arms Industry

Abstract: India is at the top in the world having active and youth population. It contains huge skilled human resource related to culture, science, technology, medicine, agriculture and industry along with mostly natural physical resources. Country has not utilized these resources at optimum. Arms industry is among top industries in the world. India has human, non-human resources and infrastructure to grab global arms industry. If country prevails this opportunity, it will get financial resource in unexpected volume. It will compensate our imports and trade imbalance. This will also nurture in becoming superpower.

By Madhusoodan Tripathi*, Rupali Chaudhary
In Volume: 11,Issue: 2