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Study of Impact of Promotional Activities in Hotel Industry in Rajasthan
Author:aShreya Bhargav* & bM.L. Agdayemawer
Tourism in India is a potential largest contributor in GNP. Tourism sector includes a range of activities i.e. 1) Travel and transport facilities, 2) Accommodation, 3) Food and drink, 4) Entertainment/recreation, 5) Information and assistance and 6) Souvenirs. It is a budding industry, a service originator, an important source of foreign exchange for the nation and an money-making activity that helps local and host communities[1]. The Indian hotel industry, being a direct beneficiary of the growth in the economy and the tourism industry, has also recorded strong growth over the past few years. India is ranked 42nd in the world rankings as per foreign tourism arrivals in the country. In 2012, India secured 12th position among 184 countries in terms of contribution of travel and tourism industry in GDP. Growing numbers of foreign and domestic travelers, encourage hotels to understand their guests’ expectations and develop competitive advantage by focusing on various elements of marketing mix to capture the market share and sustain in competitive era. With the increasing rivalry in the marketplace as well as the customers becoming well informed and choosier, it is vital now that marketing communications of the right message only are made to the right group of target buyers. Keeping this in the mind this specific study was carried out to know the impact and importance of various promotional tools on customer satisfaction level and to find out comparative differences regarding promotion mix among the sampled five star hotels.
Keywords:Key words: Tourism, Hotel, marketing mix and Promotion.
International Journal of Trade & Commerce (Vol: 4 Issue:2)
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