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The Mauritius Apparel Manufacturing Industry: Explorations of the Past to the Present
Author:Jacquelene Robecka*, Satyadev Rosuneeb, Jessica Pattisonc
This study examines the history and major changes of the Mauritius textile and clothing industries. Development of the small island, its culture, and resources are explored as they relate to the textile and apparel manufacturing industry. The paper compares and contrasts the conditions under which Mauritius developed its industry, current status and challenges and future strategies. The short history of the Mauritius textile and clothing industry is impacted by world events as well as singular activities particular to the island and its mixed society. Five interviews were conducted of senior level personnel in leading textile and apparel firms, government positions and export associations over a four month period of time in 2011 in the country of Mauritius. The nation faces a decline in apparel production and exportation and has developed strategies, such as marketing themselves as eco-friendly manufacturers and contractors to gain better positioning in the global textile and clothing market.
Keywords:Keywords: Textile and Apparel, Multi-Fiber Agreement, EPZ Companies, Southern African Development Community.
International Journal of Trade & Commerce (Vol: 1 Issue:2)
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