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Consumer Awareness & Satisfaction on E-Banking (An Empirical Study in Meerut District)
Author:Sundeep Kumara* & D. R. Yadavb
E-Banking is one of most essential part of consumer satisfaction. I don’t get surprised anymore when my colleagues tell me that they don’t know where their salary account bank branch is located in their city. It’s because banks today provide decent online banking services allowing you to forget the need-to-plan-a-visit-to-my-bank. E- Banking is an umbrella term for the process by which a customer may perform banking transactions by electronic means without visiting a brick-and-mortar institution. E- Banking uses the Internet as the delivery channel by which to conduct banking activity, for example, transferring funds, paying bills, viewing checking and savings account balances, paying mortgages, and purchasing financial instruments and certificates of deposit. E-banking involves information based banking under the Informational Technology system. Bank provides a variety of products & services to the customer, the various services offered by the banks can be utilized by the customers only when they are aware of the services. We have, in this paper, attempted to evaluate to Internet banking literature by providing insights on the factors that affect Internet banking adoption. The present work focuses on what is the customer awareness about internet banking and what are the drivers that drive consumers. The paper is based on qualitative and exploratory research using questionnaire. Respondents are bank customers, selected for study after initial screening. The awareness of customers about the online services and their expectations from online banking activities in Meerut has been evaluated through a survey.
Keywords:Key-Words: E Banking, Qualitative exploratory research, Internet banking.
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