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Commercialization of Contemporary Art in India
Author:Anju Chaudhary*
Contemporary Indian art has travelled a long journey since the days of Raja Ravi Verma, Amrita Sher Gill, R.N. Tagore, A.N. Tagore and his followers as Nandlal Bose, Asit Kumar Haldar, K.K. Habber etc. They all produced figurative art or abstract art. The artists came through various stages of elimination and simplification through abstraction cubism and a variety of expressionistic trends. In short, artist had lost their patronage in the modern age so it is very difficult for an artist to survive because there is no one to pay his work so he has to sell his art work to survive or to create more work. So it is important for artists to be able to sell their work. It keeps the fires in their kitchen burning as well as it encourages more artists to pursue their talent and by putting a value to it, it makes the general public appreciate their work and try to understand it better. So commercialisation of art is good to encourage the young artist to create art and to adopt art as their career. On the basis of art market artists are focusing on their career and adopting new techniques new art forms.
Keywords:Key words: Contemporary art, various schools, artists, commercialization, art galleries, art works, style, medium, India art summit, Exibitions, Musium, Art Market.
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