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Indian Agriculture During Post Reform Period: Issues & Reforms
Author: Neena Chhokra
The arrival of the New millennium has been heralded by Numerous vision documents about the Long Term Prospects of Indian economy. There is considerable anxiety about the likely course of agriculture scenario in the country, No doubt, Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy. It is the most important sector of Indian economy from the Perspective of Poverty alleviation and Employment generation. “Agriculture sector accounts for about 20% of India’s National Income. The share of Agriculture in National Income has been declining from 56.5% in 1950-51 to 20% in 2009-10 while the work force engaged in a agriculture has exhibited only a marginal decline. This paper intends to study the impact of economic reforms on Indian Agriculture. This paper tries to analyze why the Agriculture sector decelerated in Post reform period. To carry out this analysis some measurements are considered and studied as the size of average yield changes, use of Agriculture inputs like Hyv, chemical fertilizer and their impact on income of Agriculturalist, the change in crop pattern. The paper also examines and explains how these changes have influenced the Indian Agriculture and, thus, tries to explain how to channelized these economic reforms so that critical issues regarding Agriculture Sector can be resolved.
Keywords:Agriculture sector, Growth Rate, Change in land yields, input and agricultural output, Electric Power Consumption Cropping Pattern.
International Journal of Trade & Commerce (Vol: 5 Issue:1)
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