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Development of Activities Model for promoting healthy of Aging in Thailand and Japan
Author:Patthira Phon-ngam*
The study of the current situation and problems of organizing activities of healthy promotion for aging in Thailand found that the village still did have any aging healthy promotion model with the whole dimensions of aging development. Actually, there were some activities that people with any ages could participate but those activities had been stopped. In Japan found that the activities were healthy activity and social activities. The problem is that there were no enough participants, no clear planed activities and no budget and stopped when the budget ran out. The study a types of the activities will promote for aging in Thailand and Japan found that have to promote on physical activities, social activities and economic activities. The results of developing the models could be showed in 3 models as physical model, social model and economic model. All the formulated models were implemented in forms of healthy development activities for three months. The model of physical model included 3 activities such as: exercising, playing games, attending the trainings for healthy promotion of knowledge. The social model comprised 5 activities such as: group meetings on the Buddhist observance day, visit to nine temples for Buddha worships, New party, study visits for the aging healthy promotion, and activities on the aging day. The economic model included 2 activities such as: a training for making the DOK MAI JUN (Sandal wood flower) for the cremation, herb preservation training. The result of assessment used questionnaires and interviews the aging that joined the activities for the degree of satisfaction, knowledge, and usefulness that the aging received from the activities. The assessment also found that the happiness points of aging were at 33 as the lowest and at 54 their highest point was higher than that of the general standard of Thai psychological healthy which is between 27.0 through 32.0 points. The finding of this research showed that the aging who participated in the proposed healthy promotion activities were happier than others in general standard.
Keywords:Keywords: healthy aging, activities model for promoting healthy, developing the models.
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