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Demographic Effects on Attitudes Toward Business Ethics Among the Management and Commerce Students in India
Author: Vishal Tyagi, Arun Kumar Tyagi
Business is a human activity and so, it involves decisions that are based on certain moral foundations. Given the social and ecological problems at present time, these foundations and the role of business in society must be critically reviewed from an ethical point of view. Business and Commerce students are at the center of this scenario. They interact with businesses and society in multiple roles. They interact as citizens, customers, and employees with the businesses with which they work. They not only shape the development of the organization they work for- as employees members, and thus representatives, of his organization. This research aims to understand the effect of demographic characteristics on attitude towards business ethics of students pursuing post graduate studies in the area of Management and Commerce. This research concludes that there is a complex relationship between different demographic characteristics of commerce and management students on different moral dimensions studied. On some dimensions the variations are significant and on some it’s not so significant. It is recommended to further explore this relationship for a better understanding of demographic effects on different moral dimensions.
Keywords:Business ethics, Student demographic effects on moral dimensions, Ethics attitude
International Journal of Trade & Commerce (Vol: 7 Issue:2)
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