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An Influence of Competency Development and Empowerment on Employees Performance in Telecom
Author:K.R. Jaina, Nimisha Vermab*
The competitive business environment of the telecommunication sector has proposed that employees should be competently developed and empowered to reduce absenteeism and employee turnover and have better outcomes concerning growth. The primary purpose of this study is to analyze Employees Performance through Competency Development and Empowerment Employees. This research has been conducted in the telecommunication sector, preferably Vodafone Idea Limited. This study is quantitative and empirical. Data has been collected primarily by circulating the questionnaire to the study's respondents. Method of convenience sampling has been adopted for the research among the employees of Vodafone Idea in Uttarakhand and the Western Uttar Pradesh region, India. Frequency and descriptive statistics and Correlation, ANOVA, and multiple regression techniques have been used to analyze data. Findings of the study have been mentioned for adequate implications and future perspectives.
Keywords:Key Words: Competency Development, Empowerment of Employees, Employees Performance and Telecommunication.
International Journal of Trade & Commerce (Vol: 10 Issue:2)
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