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The Role of Humor Appeal in Advertising
Author: Siddhu, Vaishali
Advertisement is an inseparable element of the promotional activities of a company. There are multiple ways in which a company designs its advertisement to attract and induce customers. For the FMCG sector, advertisements have become an essential part of the expenditure. Advertisements have a significant impact on society. Every section of society has its preferences and appealing factors. On one side, youth commonly relates to humor. On another side elderly aged people generally feel connected with emotional content. Nowadays, companies are paying huge attention to design an advertisement in such a way that appeals to their target market customers. People usually do not like to watch advertisements while watching TV or browsing on the internet. A component of humor can make the advertisement worth watching. It can considerably affect the buying decision of customers. The humor appeal can induce people to buy a product because they may feel an emotional attachment with that product as its advertisement makes them smile. We have many examples of advertisements like Pepsi Max, Heat Electric, Budweiser & Uber, etc. This paper has highlighted how humor in advertising is gaining massive recognition as it extensively affects peoples buying behavior.
Keywords:Advertisement, Humor, Emotion, Customer.
International Journal of Trade & Commerce (Vol: 10 Issue:1)
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