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Factors of Taking COVID-19 Vaccination: A Study on Urban Community Health Workers and Their Family Members in Bangladesh
Author: Islam, Asma
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has turned into a global public health epidemic and an emergency. It is because the Human body develops immunity after receiving the Corona vaccine. But vaccine hesitancy was one of the top ten public health hazards. Vaccine hesitancy starts from public debates about medical, ethical, and legal issues. This study aimed to discover the underlying factors influencing COVID-19 vaccine uptake and vaccine hesitancy among Bangladeshi urban community health workers and their families. The quantitative study used convenient sampling to collect data and used univariate and bivariate analysis to identify the underlying factors related to COVID-19 vaccine uptake. After that, some case studies have been done to learn more in-depth about the significant aspects. In this report, older and married people were found to be more likely to receive vaccinations than younger people, and full-time workers were found to be more likely to receive vaccinations than others. Furthermore, In corona crises and corona prevention-related variables that were eager to be vaccinated vaccine enrollment, and family members who have been vaccinated were all found to be strongly related to vaccination receipt. Finally, in both the case study and the Likert scale review, it was discovered that people who were more aware of Corona-related prevention and vaccination were more likely to take the vaccine than others.
Keywords:Covid 19, Pandemic, Vaccine, Vaccine Hesitancy.
International Journal of Trade & Commerce (Vol: 10 Issue:1)
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