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Socio-Economic Ambience of Slum Dwellers
Author: Ahmad, Shamim
The study analyzes the socio-economic condition of slum dwellers living in Dhakas Kamlapur area. It focuses on the central problem undertaken for the research study whether the slum dwellers of Dhaka city receive their basic needs & constitutional rights or not. The study is both qualitative & quantitative. Primary data are gathered from 50 respondents from the slum dwellers living in the Kamlapur slum area & at the same time. The secondary data have been collected from various journals, articles, books, thesis papers & newspapers published at different times. The study emphasizes the issues that the slum dwellers are deprived of, especially the essential requirements, the basic needs they are supposed to get constitutionally as a citizen of Bangladesh. In different research studies, it is found that the majority of them are not able to afford their subsistence level of livelihood instead suffer from deprivations & miseries. Sanitation becomes out of their reach. An immediate effect is often visible due to the shortage of urban services & the poor socio-economic status. They cannot afford safe water & water supply. As a result, they suffer from many kinds of health issues especially having diarrhea, dysentery & many other water bear diseases as their daily companies. The study also finds several emerging & challenging aspects that prevent the slum dwellers from maintaining living standards rather than living in unhygienic places with an acute want of healthy food, nutrition, treatment, safety,& necessary governmental assistance. For solving these problems the slum dwellers are experiencing, the study suggests a few of the effective measures that can be implemented to minimize the issues & raise the living ambiance of the slum dwellers through the active implication of the policies.
Keywords: Socio-economic, Slum, Livelihood, Basic Needs, Framework.
International Journal of Trade & Commerce (Vol: 10 Issue:2)
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