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An Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Rural Economy: With Special Reference to Bijnor District
Author:Mukesh Kumar Jain*
The process of generating information is based on the development of an abettor and sophisticated system, i.e. Information and Communication Technology (ICT). These systems can increase productivity of the process and it also provides a facility to access the information with clarity, timely and effectiveness. There are several influencers of ICT on the different spheres of life, they maybe social, cultural, economic and political areas. Farmers are also using closed-circuit television camera systems, global positioning systems, computer-controlled devices, smart phones, mobile apps, etc. in agriculture and other allied activities. The exploratory research has been undertaken to find out the impact of ICT on rural economy (agriculture and employment) of the Bijnor district. The study was conducted in 11 blocks of Bijnor district. The primary data was collected through questionnaire-cum-interview schedules from 360 respondents belonging to the rural areas of the Bijnor district. The hypothesis formulated based on the objective which stated that does there any relationship exists between the information and communication technology, and factors influencing the rural economy. The primary data were used for the testing of hypothesis. For this purpose, the null hypothesis was generated to seek relationship between ICT and rural economy. Hypotheses were tested through statistical tools such as, descriptive statistics, model summary, ANOVA and coefficients. The findings of the study stated that the factors of rural economy such as agriculture activities and employment do have a relationship with the information and communication technology and its usage. Thus, it can be said that ICT does play a significant role in the development of rural economic province (agriculture activities and employment generation).
Keywords:Key Words: Information and Communication Technology, Rural Economy, Agriculture, Employment.
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