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China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and India Security Concerns
Author: Kumar, Sanjay
During the visit to Pakistan in May 2013, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang proposed a China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) for connecting Kashgar in China Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region with the southwestern Pakistani port of Gwadar. China in recent years made significant offers to Pakistan because the former conceives Islamabad as a partner that can play a crucial role in restraining India. Many observers, including political analysts and security and defense experts, interpret these actions as a Chinese make attempt to further its expansionist agenda in the broader Indo-Pacific region and achieve a strategic encirclement of India in South Asia. India has expressed its limitations about the project, as the proposed CPEC will pass through the territory disputed between Pakistan and India. In this context, the present paper sought to assess the crucial security issues involved in CPEC. It would also throw light on the concealed rationale behind the CPEC initiative. Further, it would discuss the security implications to India from CPEC.
Keywords: China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Belt, and Road Initiative, India, Jammu, and Kashmir.
International Journal of Trade & Commerce (Vol: 10 Issue:2)
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