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An Empirical Study of Saving and Investment Pattern of Salaried Class persons with Special Reference To Meerut City (India)
Author: Riyazuddin
Investment is a form of activity that individuals who have to save engage in, i.e. investments are made with their savings, or in other words, people invest their money in banks, gold, real estate, post services, mutual funds, and a number of other investment possibilities are all accessible Investors invest their money for a variety of reasons and objectives, including profit, security, appreciation, and income stability. The researcher investigated the many types and channels of investment, as well as the elements that must be considered when choosing an investment, using a sample size of 100 salaried employees and performing a survey in the city of Meerut, India, through a questionnaire In fact, the current study uses a selfassessment questionnaire to determine which investment paths are favored by individual investors. The researcher discovered that paid employees value safety and a decent return on investment when making frequent investments. Except for female investors, respondents are far more knowledgeable of the many investment options available in India. The current research looks at the savings and investment habits of people in the salaried class, with a focus on Meerut (India).
Keywords: Investment, Savings, Security, Commodity, investor etc.
International Journal of Trade & Commerce (Vol: 10 Issue:2)
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