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A Study on Online Food Shopping in the Covid-19 Pandemic
Author: Rais, Mohd Irfan & Khan, Mohd Altaf
The Covid-19 pandemic has changes the way of life; its impact has been noticed from smallest daily routine to biggest business deals. The food industry has also been affected hugely due to the pandemic. Most of the people switched to online food shopping the pandemic. Taking these circumstances into consideration, the present research aims to study the online food shopping scenario in the pandemic era. This study has twin objectives; first, to study the online shopping intentions of the consumers before the onset of the pandemic and after onset of the pandemic. Second, this study identifies the factors that influenced consumers in buying food through online mode during the pandemic. The respondents of this study include consumers who purchase food through online mode. The findings of the study reveal that number of people who have purchased food through online mode have increased after the onset of pandemic. Further, factors such as access to technology, apprehension due to covid-19, perceived value influenced online food purchases while issues of perceived hygiene (product and process) do not influence online food shopping. This study provides implications for the managers to build trust among the people regarding quality of their products and processes. Additionally, practitioners have to work on developing user interface that provides ease of access.
Keywords:Food Shopping, Online Food Shopping, Covid-19 Pandemic.
International Journal of Trade & Commerce (Vol: 11 Issue:1)
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