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The Hobbled Relations between India and Pakistan: Prospects for Better Future
Author:Rizwan, Mohd., Singh, Satyam & Singh, Vidushi
The paper aims to analyse the relationship between India and Pakistan which suffers from complete distrust with each other. Lack of communication between the two neighboring countries has resulted in widening of fault-lines. Both countries are victims of terrorism which has serious repercussions on the dynamics of the Indian subcontinent. India continues to fight the war against terrorism and has also shown to the world how Pakistani Government and its intelligence has sponsored terrorists and provided a safe haven for them, thereby creating unrest in India. The paper mainly focuses on the dynamics and future prospects of India-Pakistan relations. The people-to-people interaction and cooperative action against terrorism can aid in the improvement of their relationship. This will not only help in reducing human casualties but also because of less tensions across the border, they can focus on the development of their respective country. India has always tried to maintain a healthy relationship with its neighbour, but Pakistans adamant attitude has been damaging the relations further. Despite all this, there is still some possibility of improving the relationship between India and Pakistan as both nations share the same history, freedom struggle and geographical location
Keywords: India, Pakistan, Prospects, Cooperation, Terrorism.
International Journal of Trade & Commerce (Vol: 11 Issue:1)
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