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Addressing GAPS in Nursing Skills and Incentives to Boost the Healthcare Industry
Author:Anwara Begum
Growth in the health care industry in Bangladesh, over the last few decades, has been disappointing. Its adherence to constitutional commitments and global assurances is utterly sabotaged by deficiencies of professional and technical skills in the health care arena. The gaps remain in dearth of adequate supply of qualified, experienced, and specialized nursing professionals in health care industry. In both rural and urban Bangladesh, the healthcare industry is experiencing a simple and abject scarcity of nursing skills among nurses, barring a handful of well-paid professionals in the tertiary level hospitals within the top echelons of the industry. Unsuitable skill mix of doctors and nurses, has led to over-work and miss-use of doctor’s skills, overlapping of duties, insecurity for patients, loss of scarce resources and increased out-of-pocket spending for poor and middle-income families. Moreover, lack of proper training and experience affects quality of services proffered by the existing professionals in nursing and care. Curriculum and syllabus followed in nursing training are alleged to be out-of-date, with some faculty members suffering from deficiency of knowledge and modernized information. Shortage of compulsory equipment and facilities for real-world classes and clinical training are also important limitations hindering the growth of this industry.
Keywords:Health Care Industry, Nursing Professionals, Clinical Training.
International Journal of Trade & Commerce (Vol: 11 Issue:2)
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