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Acclimatizing Women and Building Resilience to Overcome the Risks to Females and Migration: Strategies to Ameliorate Vulnerability Following Climate Disasters
Author:Anwara Begum
The Government of Bangladesh has emphasized streamlining movements into the national development plans under the Sixth Five Year Plan as well as in the Vision 2021, and the Perspective Plan of Bangladesh. Overall, GoB plans strive to enable all forms of migration with focus on better utilization of human resources and an inclusive agenda. Improved Migration Policy would be aimed at supporting labour migration from disaster affected areas for enhanced livelihood and improving migrant worker’s employment conditions in semi-rural or urban destinations; providing for reasonable and more efficient labour absorption in growth focii, for creating enabling environment en-route towards a more conducive form of migration, overcoming distress episodes, and focusing on planned movements, internally. Construction of flood shelter segregated for women, and those that are distinctly separate from that of men is highly relevant in a closed and conservative society like rural Bangladesh. Explore options for insurance and other emergency preparedness measures to address increase of cyclonic disasters. It is important to provide drinking water for the living and assist in burial of bodies in flood affected areas; reports abound about the harrowing experience of having known people’s bodies floating out of their graves. It is highly traumatic and families have to spend money on wooden caskets, which then have to be held down with boulders, under water.
Keywords:Government of Bangladesh, Labour Migration, National Development.
International Journal of Trade & Commerce (Vol: 11 Issue:2)
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