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A Business Model Canvas for the Production of Shital Pati & Small Scale Jute Commodities with Special Reference to Regional Cooperation between Bangladesh & India (The North Eastern Region): Startup Phase
Author:Shamim Ahmad
The Shaital Pati and small scale Jute commodities have been playing a cabalistic role. The socio-economic contribution of Shital Pati and Jute based Products is Multi-dimensional. Shital Pati & Jute commodities can play a vital role in employment generation, income generation, export earnings, environmental sustainability, women's empowerment & tourism promotion. Above all Shital Pati and Jute commodities can play a crucial role in fostering regional cooperation between Bangladesh & India. The aim of the business model canvas is the branding of Shital Pati and small scale Jute products and enable manufacturer to visualize and analyze their strategy. As there is a gap currently prevailing in the market when it comes to Shital-Pati based and Jute based commodities the producer can follow the AIDA model (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) to promote products.
Keywords:Shital Pati, Jute, Micro & Cottage Industry, Growth, Sustainability, Socioeconomic.
International Journal of Trade & Commerce (Vol: 11 Issue:2)
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