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Human Resource Management (HRM) in Bangladesh: High Hopes and High Performance
Author:Shabnam Jahan*
A company's most valuable asset is its human resources (HR) department. There are four primary resources– human, physical, financial, and information that are crucial to any. Effective management of a company’s HR is also essential to its success. It refers to the processes and techniques used to carry out the HR duties of the management function. Increasing employees’ positive contributions to businesses is what HR management aims to do. Despite the fact that academics and professional are particularly interested in the HRM field in Bangladesh, There is no centralized database or electronic warehouse that restricts access to the current state of HRM practices in Bangladesh. This study also identifies the research gaps on Human resource management (HRM) in Bangladesh, as well as areas that could use more research.
Keywords:Key Words: HRM practices, Literature Review, Bangladesh.
International Journal of Trade & Commerce (Vol: 12 Issue:1)
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